The Pizza, Pasta and Wine Dilemma Solved

A photo of italian apsta with a bottle of Italian wine

You’ve decided that the next time you are going out you are getting some great Italian food. Whether you find yourself in the mood for some traditional Neapolitan pizza or a hearty pasta dish, the task of choosing your meal can be a very tough one, especially going to a place like Ironside Pizza in Miami. With a menu full of deliciously fresh options, it can take a while to choose. Not to add any complications to your decision but no great Italian meal is complete without the perfect pairing of wine. The meal you choose can be greatly enhanced by your choice of wine and you owe it to yourself to make the best choice based on the meal you are in the mood for. Luckily for you, here is a quick overview of some great Italian dishes and wines that pair great together to give you a head start on deciding so you are not left thinking, “what is the best wine with pizza?” or “what wine goes with pasta?”

What Wine Goes with Pizza?

Pizza is one of the most popular Italian food items and as well it should be. It might truly be the perfect food but that’s a discussion for a later time. Right now, we are going to look at some classic variations of Neapolitan pizza and the wines that pair great with them.

  • Margherita  – topped with tomato, fresh basil and mozzarella fiordilatte. This traditional variation of Neapolitan pizza is one of the most popular. Wines that pair great with this simple, subtle flavor combination are a nice Garnacha or Dry Rosé. The fresh basil is very aromatic and the acidity of the tomatoes will pair perfectly with either wine.
  • Regina – topped with cherry tomato, arugula, parmigiano, prosciutto crudo and mozzarella fiordilatte. The arugula is a peppery green and the prosciutto is salt-cured meat and together they create a very appealing taste combination. The wine that pairs in harmony with those toppings is a good bottle of Chianti because of its savory, spicy flavor.
  • Formaggi – topped with mozzarella, smoked provola, parmigiano and gorgonzola. This may be considered by some to be a fancy cheese pizza; regardless, the contrasting subtle flavors of the cheeses really create an outstanding flavor. The best wine to choose for cheese pizza would a Montepulciano.

When in doubt or if you can’t decide on the pizza you want before heading to Ironside, here is a list of six wines that most believe will pair great with any pizza.

  • Barbera – Italian
  • Ceresuolo – Italian
  • Chianti – Italian
  • Beaujolais – French
  • Blaufranckish – Austrian
  • Zinfandel – American

What Wine Goes with Pasta?

While many people take their pasta and wine pairings very seriously, here are a few dishes and wine suggestions to help you make your choice.

  • Tortelli Burro E Salvia – tender tortellini with butter, sage, spinach and buffalo ricotta. This flavorful dish would be best paired with a Chenin Blanc, White Burgundy or even a smooth Chardonnay.
  • Pesto Genovese a perfect combination of fresh basil, pine nuts, parmigiano and pecorino cheese. The best wine for this rich pesto dish would be a Sauvignon Blanc because of its grassy, grapefruit flavors that compliments the rich but not so creamy pesto.

So before you head out to get your favorite Neapolitan pizza in Miami, make sure you are prepared with the best wine. Ironside Pizza in Miami is a BYOB establishment and do not charge a corkage fee! For the perfect date night of pizza and wine head to Ironside Pizza. Check out the full menu at so that you can decide on your meal beforehand and pick up that perfect wine!

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