What Makes Neapolitan Pizza So Great

Fresh original Italian pizza in a traditional wood-fired stone oven.

Chicago, New York, stuffed crust, deep dish and Sicilian are all well-known styles of pizza within the United States but one of the lesser-known styles that does not receive the credit it deserves is Neapolitan. What is Neapolitan pizza? Known for the perfect crust and excellent topping combinations, Neapolitan pizza is considered by some to be the best style ever invented. From the strict recipe guidelines and ingredients required, very few restaurants decide to take on the responsibility necessary to produce authentic Neapolitan pies. Ironside Kitchen Pizza & Coffee Co in Miami is the best spot to grab yourself a freshly baked pie that has roots that can be traced back to the seaside ports of old Italy.

Here are the best reasons that make a very strong argument for why Neapolitan pizza is considered one of the best styles ever invented.


Starting off, it may not seem important to the untrained pizza connoisseur but using the proper flour is not only a necessity for earning the right to call the pizza true Neapolitan, it is also crucial to make the best dough. The only choices you have for flour are “0” or “00”, which indicates the fineness of milling. “00” is the finest available and has the same consistency as baby powder. Flour left to sit too long will absorb moisture thus altering its makeup and reducing the accuracy of the dough recipe. This flour produces the best Neapolitan dough, which will be discussed next.  


Sea salt, water, yeast and flour are the only things used in a traditional Neapolitan pizza dough. While the ingredient list is short, the proportions are the factor that needs to be taken very seriously to achieve the perfect dough. The ratio of water to flour needs to be 1 to 3 with the correct flour. High-quality brewer’s yeast or natural Neapolitan yeast are the only two options when it comes to the type of yeast that must be used. The dough needs to be hand kneaded and pressed out to a thickness of no more than 3mm thick to achieve the iconic crust.  


There is only one way to cook a Neapolitan pizza and that is in a wood-fired oven that reaches temperatures over 700 degrees. The extremely hot stone surface of the oven produces the iconic crust that is done in just a minute or two. The result of the proper firing of the pizza is a big bubbled, flaky and crispy crust with just a small resemblance of chewiness.  


While the type of tomatoes used may seem insignificant, they are a crucial part. Only San Marzano tomatoes can be used, which are special because they are grown in the black volcanic soil in the southern foothills of Mount Vesuvius, Italy. These rich tomatoes produce the best most flavorful sauce that perfectly complements the cheese and basil of the traditional Margherita.


Ideally, ‘Mozzarella di Bufala Campana’ is the best type of mozzarella that is made from the milk of water buffalo that are raised in the marshlands of Campania and Lazio of Italy. The second-best option that is often used is mozzarella fiordilatte, which is made from fresh cow’s milk.

Classic and Popular Variations found at Ironside Kitchen:

Margherita– this Neapolitan pizza is claimed to have been one of the very first and was created in honor and served to Queen Margherita of Italy. Topped with fresh basil, tomato, and fresh mozzarella.

Regina– the perfect crust topped with cherry tomatoes, arugula, parmigiana, prosciutto crudo, and fresh mozzarella fiordilatte.

Marinara– this simple recipe utilizes garlic, oregano, and tomato.

Formaggi– this is the Italian version of a cheese lover’s pizza. Mozzarella, smoked provola, parmigiana, gorgonzola.

To see all the delicious variations of true Neapolitan pizza found at Ironside Kitchen, visit https://pizzaironside.com/italian-pizza-ironside-miami/.

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