12 Best Vegetarian Pizza Recipes and Toppings


Pizza is a favorite for everyone around the world of all ages, vegetarian, vegan or not! Pizza makes a great meal for new vegetarians since it’s already a familiar food, and, the variations on vegetarian pizza are endless. Here’s a few unique vegetarian and vegan pizza recipes to try, and, just in case you need it, here’s my personal favorite easy homemade pizza dough recipe. Enjoy!

Mediterranean Pizza with Pesto and Artichokes


This is one of my most popular vegetarian pizza recipes. It’s a Greek-inspired pizza, with pesto instead of tomato sauce, chopped artichoke hearts and Greek olives as a topping. Even though it’s a gourmet pizza, it’s just as simple to prepare as a regular vegetarian pizza – only the toppings and ingredients are gourmet – not the amount of work involved!

Vegan “sausage” and cheese pizza



Lightly browned vegan sausages are placed on a pizza with plenty of vegan cheese, tomato sauce, and artichoke hearts, baked then lightly dotted with vegan pesto. Sure, you could make just a plain vegan pizza, but this pesto and sausage pizza recipe is a gourmet masterpiece!

Gourmet Vegetarian Pumpkin and White Sauce Pizza


This is a truly gourmet vegetarian pizza. It does take a few extra steps, but the result is a restaurant-quality gourmet vegetarian pizza. Roasted pumpkin, tossed with a vegetarian pesto tops this pizza alongside cashew nuts and a blend of cheeses. This one is much better than any take-out pizza you’ll ever find!

Gourmet Savory Apple and White Cheddar Pizza


If you’ve ever tried a vegetarian apple pizza at a pizza parlor and wanted to try it at home, here’s how. Thinly sliced apples are baked in the oven with white cheddar cheese and just a touch of cinnamon and honey. With lots of apples, this gourmet vegetarian apple pizza is also low in calories too, believe it or not! Only 270 calories per slice. But you probably won’t eat just one slice of this divine pizza!

Grilled eggplant and fresh basil pizza


I’ll admit that this isn’t my favorite vegetarian pizza recipe, but it is a favorite amongst several of my non-vegetarian friends, so I think it merits inclusion. There’s just something about the simple taste combination of grilled eggplant and fresh basil that is both unique and unexpectedly delicious. With only five ingredients, this vegetarian pizza with eggplant, cheese, and basil is very simple and very Zen.

Vegan pizza bagels


Just about anything can be a pizza base in a pinch – French bread, pita bread or even bagels. If you’ve got hungry vegan mouths to fill, spread some pizza sauce on a bagel, top it with vegan cheese and some seasonings, and you’ve got yourself a great lunch or snack for vegans of any ages. Here’s how.

Vegetarian Barbecue “Chicken Wing” Pizza

Use store-bought vegetarian barbecue “chicken wings” to make this hearty pizza, topped with mozzarella cheese, fresh cilantro and a squeeze of lime juice. Meat-lovers will be absolutely grateful to have discovered this “meaty” vegetarian pizza.

Vegetarian “Pepperoni” Pizza


Use a store-bought vegetarian pepperoni substitute to make this simple, classic pepperoni pizza – only it’s completely vegetarian! Those little pepperoni slices sure do look authentic, don’t they? If you like a simple vegetarian pizza or miss meat, this is an easy recipe to try. Just dough, cheese, and vegetarian pepperoni as a topping. That’s it!

French Bread Pizza


Use French bread to make quick and easy individual vegetarian pizzas or pizzas for kids. These French loaves are sliced in half, smothered in pizza sauce then filled up with a variety of vegetarian pizza toppings, including mushrooms, bell peppers, onions and olives and, of course, plenty of mozzarella cheese. The kids will love these mostly healthy vegetarian pizzas on French bread.

Meatless Mexican Taco Pizza


This vegetarian Mexican taco pizza uses kidney beans and salsa instead of pizza sauce for a vegetarian taco pizza that kids will surely love! For a vegan version, you could use a soy vegan cheese. Taco pizza isn’t quite traditional Italian fare, but it makes a nice twist from regular pizza toppings and sauces.

Dessert Pizza – a pizza with fruit!


This fruit pizza recipe is made with a sugar cookie crust and topped with cream cheese and fresh fruit. Fruit pizza is a snack or dessert pizza for the kids. Need a vegan version or got kids with dairy or egg allergies? Try this vegan fruit pizza recipe.

Homemade pizza dough recipes


A store-bought or ready-made dough works just fine, but there’s nothing like a homemade pizza dough to add that special touch to a homemade vegetarian pizza. And, if you’re vegan, you’ll most likely need to make a homemade dough. Scroll through a variety of homemade pizza crust recipes, including vegan doughs, whole wheat, cornmeal crusts, and more.



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