Unique History of Miami Ironside

Ironside in Upper Eastside miami

The history of Miami Ironside can be traced back to 1998 when Ofer Mizrahi came up with a plan to revitalize the Miami Design District and bring new life to the artistic community of Miami. In 2003, Mizrahi acquired some industrial warehouses in the Upper Eastside of Miami with the vision to create a unique urban design district for the community. These interconnected warehouses have since been developed into more than 65 designer showrooms, galleries, architecture firms, restaurants, residences and multi-purpose spaces. The name Ironside comes from being located near the iron railroad tracks on 73rd St. to 79th St. NE in the Upper Eastside.

The design and layout of Miami Ironside utilizes the industrial warehouses to form something similar to a European village concept. Pathways that lead visitors from each studio, office or gallery to the next connect the whole development. Heavy use of iron throughout the design of the complexes also inspired the name of Ironside. Ofer Mizrahi developed Ironside for like-minded designers, artists, creative and businesses to share in a live-work community that showcases the work of ecopreneurs. Mizrahi truly achieved what he was attempting to do with the community; he brought back to life the design district of the Upper Eastside with his developed creation.

Amongst all of the galleries, studios, and businesses, Ironside Kitchen calls the urban art and design district of Miami Ironside home. This cozy eatery serves up the best authentic pizza, Neapolitan style, and Italian dishes in Miami. These thin-crust masterpieces are made with Italian flour, fresh cheese, and the highest quality ingredients to give guests an authentic taste of Italy. The menu is full of dishes ranging from salads to pastas and even a nice selection of gelato. Some of the favorites include Bruschetta Classica, Parmigiana with eggplant, Pesto Genovese, and the Margherita Neapolitan pizza. To check out the full menu of Ironside Kitchen Pizza & Coffee Co., visit https://pizzaironside.com/italian-pizza-ironside-miami/.

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