The Essential Tools for Homemade Pizza

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When you can’t make it to the nearest pizza restaurant, there is but one solution: become your own personal pizza chef.

That’s right, you can make a seriously delicious deep dish in the comfort of your own home! We have to warn you that it will take some practice, but we can also guarantee a whole lot of fun in the learning curve.

Before getting started on making your own scrumptious Miami pizza pie, stock your kitchen with essential tools.

Here’s a comprehensive list of what you’ll need to master the craft:

DIY Pizza Tools:

  • Baking steel. A baking steel is more effective than a baking stone. Because it’s heat capacity and conductivity are higher, you can get a crisper crust and deeper char.
  • Bench scraper. The bench scraper makes for an easy clean-up and doubles as an easy herb and garlic chopper.
  • Digital Scale. A digital scale is an essential tool for all Miami best pizzas. Why? Because the dough is the foundation for pizza, and the perfect dough is achievable only without measurement precision. A digital scale will make certain your ingredients are proportioned perfectly.
  • Dough-proof container. Seal your pre-made dough balls in the container so when you’re ready to toss, the dough is still fresh and super malleable.
  • Food processor. To get the dough you want without putting in the kneading work, toss your ingredients in a processor. The rapid blades produce a smooth, stretch-ready dough for you to toss.
  • Guitar rack. Purely for fly chef status, we recommend using guitar racks to proudly display your pizza peels in the kitchen.
  • Iron skillet. An iron skillet or aluminum pizza pan is best when you want an easy, home-style, crisp dough.
  • Kettle grill. A kettle grill will get you as close to wood-fired oven temperatures as possible. It’s also spacey, so you have more control over where the heat flows and fall on the pizza. The kettle grill is also deliciously useful for grilling and cooking tons of vegetables and meats when you’re not perfecting your pizza pie.
  • Metal pizza peel. Use the metal pizza peel after the wooden peel. Once the pizza is in the oven, you need something thin to slip under it.
  • Pastry cutter. A pastry cutter can be used to make your red sauce accordingly to your sauce preferences- hearty and chunky or seamlessly liquid.
  • Pizza wheel. The classic wheel pizza cutter makes the cleanest cut in your pizza. Don’t risk pulling your masterful cheese and toppings away from the dough. A pizza wheel will get the job done right.
  • Plastic squeeze bottles. Excellent for oil and dressing precision.
  • Portable pizza oven. A portable pizza oven is your go-to for Neapolitan pizza that you want to make on the go. The oven can set upright on top of a picnic tables- cook and dine in your backyard or give your camping a gourmet flavor.
  • Rimmed baking sheet. For deep dish dreaminess, opt for a rimmed baking sheet. This will give you the square or grandma pie effect- always a crowd pleaser, especially in winter.
  • Wood pizza peel. A wooden pizza peeler is imperative for non-stick dough. Wooden peels retain moisture, make the surface less likely to attach to your dough. This is ideal the initial pizza launch.

The tools are extensive, but they’ll set up you up for serious pizza mastery.

If making your own pizza does go awry… we’re here for you! Come into Ironside Pizza and Kitchen or opt for our Miami Pizza Delivery. You’ll get the hang of the DIY pizza, soon!

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