Pizza: Your Next Date Idea

Image of young couple eating pizza in the best pizzeria in Miami.

So you lined up a first date with someone special you just met, or are looking for a unique idea to change things up with your significant other but what to do? Coming up with fun and creative date ideas is a real challenge for most people, which is totally okay. But you can only go out to dinner and a movie so many times before things get old. A fun date does not necessarily mean that you have to do something crazy, super adventurous or even expensive. Luckily for you, you’ve stumbled upon a great idea to shake up your dating routine! Pizza is the answer. Here are some of the reasons and ideas that can make your next date a success with pizza.

Informal but sophisticated– pizza is often thought of as a quick and easy meal for those on the go or to enjoy during a sporting event but add a nice atmosphere and some high-quality, unique ingredients and you have yourself a very classy meal. It can be shared from the box or a fancy white table-clothed establishment, but pizza is pizza and pizza is great.

Perfect for sharing– while just about everyone may love pizza, the toppings each person enjoys may be different. There may not be a better food for sharing when it comes to unique tastes. Split it in half and you each can create the flavor you like and depending on how the evening goes, you may decide to share and discover new toppings.

Eat with your hands– going back to the informal aspect of pizza is the ability to eat with your hands. This is great if you are on a first date because the casualness of eating with your hands helps break the ice. It is messy. Something is bound to happen that will make both of you laugh while eating it.

Great picnic food– pick up a pie and head to a quiet spot and since there is no need for all the usual dining utensils, you only have to bring some drinks. Pizza is an excellent choice if a picnic setting is what you are trying to achieve.

Perfect for cooking your own- if you are feeling really hands-on about the pizza idea, invite your date over and have a pizza cooking evening. Pick up some of your favorite toppings and all the necessary ingredients and let the process of making your own pizza be the date itself.

Nothing Better– however, nothing is more romantic than sitting across from each other in a quiet little pizzeria, sharing a deliciously crafted Neapolitan pizza. Made from the finest and freshest ingredients, a traditional Italian pizza is sure to make the evening perfect.

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