What Does Your Pizza Topping Say About You?

Image of many different pizza toppings.

Pizza may be just about the most popular food in America, right up there with chicken wings, hamburgers, and hot dogs. One of the many wonderful aspects about pizza is the limitless options for toppings that one can choose. Friendships have been lost and forged over the choice of toppings because yes, it truly is that big of a deal. Pizza is a way for us to identify ourselves and express our personality. See if these popular pizza toppings and the personality traits they express match with you!



Plain Pizza– just cheese and sauce, no fancy toppings to dilute the pure goodness. While seen as boring or plain, most view this as the choice for someone who is reliable and dependable. Or it could be seen as indecisiveness, being unable to decide on any toppings.

Hawaiian– pineapple and ham make the perfect sweet/savory combination for a pizza. This combination suggests that the Hawaiian pizza lover is laid-back and self-confident to break away from social norms and enjoy a quirky favorite.

Anchovies– bold, stubborn and maybe a bit crazy. Anchovy lovers are in the very small minority when it comes to pizza toppings, but for someone to order a whole pizza with these tiny, salty fish that not many people like takes a level of boldness and stubbornness.

Mushroom– people who order mushrooms on their pizza are probably very open and the giving type. The ones who enjoy the simple, earthy things in life and are easy to talk to most often will order this.

Pepperoni– easy-going, caring and fun all describe someone who enjoys a classic pepperoni pizza. They don’t want to cause any trouble with the toppings debate, so they keep it simple with the traditional.

Sausage and Peppers– meat and veggies, night and day, yin and yang. Complete opposites, yet they compliment each other perfectly on the pie. Whoever orders this pizza is balanced in life, receptive to new ideas and thoughts and insightful.

Meat Lovers– often seen as forward, proud and sometimes driven. While never a bad thing, these types know exactly what they want and aren’t afraid to fight for it. They don’t settle for anything else often.

Specialty– why follow the social norms of traditional and acceptable pizza toppings when you can cause a ripple in society? People who branch out and try specialty pizza’s are often creative, wild and adventurous.

Everything– not much needs to be said about these types of pizza eaters, they are welcoming or indecisive. Why choose when you can have everything?

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