Italian Coffee and Choosing the Right Dessert

Image of Italian Dessert, with strawberries and sauce served at Ironside Pizza in Miami.

Nothing tops off a delicious meal better than the perfect Italian dessert. Whether you are a chocolate lover or like a less indulgent option, dessert is the reason we had to eat all our dinner as children. While some have it figured out, the clear majority haven’t caught on to the one thing that can make a good dessert great; Italian coffee. Some may even dare to say they go together like peanut butter and jelly or pizza and beer; they are just a match made by the culinary gods.

However, the right coffee must be paired with the right dessert for it to work because of the flavor characteristics; just like wine and cheese. Three of the best combinations are:

  • Espresso and Strong Chocolate or Sweet Fruit– because espresso has such a strong, full-bodied flavor, your taste buds will require either a dessert to match the same intensity level or a cleansing, refreshing sweetness to compliment it. A nice piece of pain au chocolate, chocolate twist or strawberry bite would do an excellent job of accompanying your espresso.
  • Cappuccino and Chocolate– since cappuccinos are made with espresso, milk or cream and lots of steamed milk foam, they are rich and dense drinks. A pastry that has chocolate will be the best choice by far like chocolate beignets.  
  • Macchiato and Mild Fruit– similar to a cappuccino, a macchiato tends to be less dense and much stronger. A mild fruit pastry like an apple turnover or fresh croissant with jam would make a picture-perfect pairing.
  • Latte and Dried Fruit– often referred to as “milk coffee,” lattes are heavier on the milk than the espresso and have a garnishing of cinnamon. Dried fruit pastries like a raisin croissant or even a piece of pain au chocolate would suit a latte extremely well.

These coffee and dessert pairings and more can be found at Ironside Kitchen Pizza & Coffee Co. in Miami, FL. This authentic Italian restaurant serves up traditional Neapolitan pizza and a variety of classic meals and salads and they also have an Italian café where you will find a menu full of Italian coffee, desserts, and lighter dishes. 

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