Fun and Healthy Dining for the Whole Family

Image of authentic italian pizza from a family restaurant in miami

Fun, authentic Italian dining isn’t so far away in Miami. Ironside Kitchen buzzes in the heart of the historic Upper Eastside and makes sure to serve something delectable for all ages. Not only is our food family friendly, but our restaurant feel is, too. Regular customers mingle with longtime restaurant workers so that dining in feels more like heading to a neighborhood party.

Ironside Kitchen is committed to fresh and organic ingredients in their wood fired, Italian family pizza. Meats are homemade and cure, chefs use only the softest mozzarella fiordilatte and choose tactfully amongst Italian products to share with guests. Chefs accommodate vegan and gluten-free requests, too.

Getting the family together is about more than monitoring everyone’s nourishment. In fact, research shows that family dinners have a positive impact on the physical, mental and emotional habits of family members.

Five Reasons to Bring the Family in for Authentic Italian Pizza:

  • Conversation. There is no escaping conversation at the dinner table. Take the opportunity to get the kids around the table for an hour without smartphones, tablets or gaming devices. This is one of the best times to catch up on family news, find out about what’s happening in school and build comradery between the kids. There might be good teaching moments, too. Allowing children the chance to speak up encourages senses of place in the family.
  • Strong development. Psychology and science tell us that a sense of security offers the strongest foundation for behavioral, emotional and psychological development. Family dinners are an amazing way to provide this sense of security. Getting the whole family together is fun, but it doubles as an important developmental pillar, too. Studies show that more time spent together around the dinner tables results in a decrease in high-risk behaviors. Aiming to have family dinner four to five times a week is recommended, and we invite you to Ironside Kitchen for any and all of them.
  • Nutritional Benefits. Of course, we need to devote some attention to the nutritional value we can ensure our kids take in during family dinner. Sharing the table and food makes it easy to see who is getting enough vegetables, who isn’t drinking enough water, etc. At Ironside, you can trust that your kids are enjoying a balanced, hearty, healthy meal.
  • Better academic performance. Eating properly (especially in the evening!) is a recipe for higher mental performance. Additionally, the conversation around academic performance and endeavors keeps kids engaged with their school work. Repeating what they learned in class reiterates that lesson internally. Knowing they might be asked about a lesson encourages the child to grasp onto more takeaways to share with the family later that night.
  • Greater sense of resilience. Whatever happens outside of the dinner table dissolves once the family takes their seats. Bad days, upset peers, late homework and missed soccer goals fade into the background when the family comes together and remembers that these moments are the true crux of life. Share that meaningfulness with your family; remind them that the greatest joys in life are the simple ones; particularly, the simple ones with authentic Italian food and lots of conversation.

Ironside Kitchen is a fun, healthy family Italian restaurant. We hope to share with you not just Italy’s traditional cuisine, but the culture’s commitment to family gatherings and staying connected amongst generations. Bringing the family together fosters community, conversation, honesty and builds stronger connects amongst family members as children grow through different stages in life.

Come into Ironside Kitchen and try a slice of some of Phoenix’s best local pizza!

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