Why Fresh Italian Salads Are Amazing

Couple enjoying fresh Italian salads and organic juice served in Ironside Pizza in Miami.

Nothing says summer in Italy better than a fresh Italian salad, and that just might be why NOSTRE INSALATE is such a delight at Ironside Kitchen.

Italian salads are notorious for their fresh ingredients. We may be in Miami, but we cherish our commitment to fresh and organic products. To homemade cured meats, mozzarella flordilatte, and carefully selected Italian products. Our selectiveness reaches new heights when we gather ingredients for our Vegan and Gluten Free options.

Traditional Italian food leaves all taste buds satisfied, and salads are no exception. Crispy lettuce provides a foundation for spicy pepperoni and juicy tomatoes that burst with new flavors throughout the year. Italian dressing is a must for that closed-eyed, savoring moment with your dish.

A fresh Italian salad is all about its namesakes, fresh and Italian. Ingredients are simple and few, and that allows each one a turn to take center stage. Ingredients are fresh from the source and rich in flavor. Each bit makes a guest wonder how a salad can be so hunger quenching.

Lettuce is crisp and juicy enough to sprinkle a speck of water on the inside of your cheeks. Mixing a romaine with iceberg gives a soothing balance with between nutritious and light on the tongue with a dose of crunch. Pepperoni brings a kick to the salad, an unexpected tang and substance each time we greet it. A reminder of that pizza that sits just a few inches away. We can’t say enough about cherry tomatoes, the low-key vegetable whose sugar is so low that people forget it’s actually a fruit. Their acidic taste is quickly rounded out by their gelatinous center. Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and their seeds are loaded with fiber and tannins, bringing out the lush flavors of neighboring ingredients. You can always count on some crumble or flake of cheese on your salad- this is Italian food we’re talking about, after all. Cheese brings the missing friend to the group. The entertainment, the life of the party, the bit of fun we can imagine life without.

We serve several varieties of the Italian salad, but rest assured that each one is crafted carefully, with intention to compliment your pizza.

Some of our favorite are Di Casa, Carciofi and Bresaola! Read below to find out more about them.

  • Di Casa, simple and divine. Arugula offers a bed for parmigiana and tomato, tossed with a white balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Carciofi, spectacular for the taste buds. Artichokes mingle with mint and pine nuts as they get tossed along parmigiano in a lemon vinaigrette.
  • Bresaola, for the meat indulger. Treat your senses to a cured beef “carpaccio” atop arugula, cherry tomato, parmigiano and lemon.
  • Prosciutto E Melone takes our tongue to summer straight away with its melon and basil, the ultimate balance of fresh and sweet. Top this masterpiece with a prosciuotto di parma.

Italian summer salads fully embrace their deliciousness when paired with Italian pizza. Once you experience the right Italian salad, it’s hard to imagine eating pizza without one. The complementary relationship is a staple without which we couldn’t possibly hosts our guests.

Pizza and salads makes a light, filling combination for lunch or for dinner any day of any season. We aim to provide the most authentic and tradition Italian experience for our guests in Miami, so that they can get a slice of enjoying life on the coast of Italy.

Come into Ironside Kitchen Pizza & Coffee Co. for the best Italian salad to help you slip into summer, no matter what day of the year it is. Boun Appetito!

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