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Proper Italian Pizza Done Right

Ever wonder if the soggy style of pizza you’ve been eating your whole life is really authentic? If so, this article will clear a few things up. Italians (the inventors of the dish) take the food very seriously and have a tradition when it comes to all of their food, especially pizza. True Italian style […]

Pizza Fun Facts

The internet is full of fabulous facts about everything from current events to the history basket weaving and pizza fun facts. As we research for our daily content on food trucks, food carts and street food, we stumble upon some items of knowledge that we just did not know. Pizza Fun Facts: Roughly 1,000 years […]

Neapolitan History Through the History of Pizza Margherita

The history of a pizza Margherita is more than a recipe and much more than one of the best dishes in the world. It combines world history, Neapolitan creativity and relationship with foreigners. Now the first thing that you have to know- pizza is NOT Italian, it’s Neapolitan. And don’t even try to say “Italian […]

The Origins of Italian Gelato

Gelato is an age-old delicacy that dates back thousands of years. The earliest beginnings of frozen desserts are recorded in 3000 B.C. when Asian cultures discovered they could consume crushed ice and flavorings. Five hundred years later, it became a custom for Egyptian pharaohs to offer their guests a cup of ice sweetened with fruit […]

Italian cheese as we know is a medieval creation

Love it or hate it, cheese remains the king of Italian tables. We eat it every day, with bread, with pasta, on its own. Aged or fresh, hot or cold, as an ingredient in complex dishes or on its own. We eat it while feasting and we eat it while dieting. We use it to […]

History of pasta

Nothing says Italy like its food, and nothing says Italian food like pasta. Pasta is integrant part of Italy’s food history Wherever Italians immigrated they have brought their pasta along, so much so today it can be considered a staple of international cuisine. Unlike other ubiquitous Italian products like pizza and tomato sauce, which have […]

La scarpetta : A ritual for Italians

You have just finished your tasty pasta cooked al dente, and there it lies on your plate: a whole layer of delicious sauce. How could you leave it there, wasted, to be thrown away? Impossible! is the answer many Italians would give to such a question: this is why we love the scarpetta and cannot […]

History of Sorbet

As one of the earliest frozen desserts, Sorbet represents one of the most important ice cream types in their long and varied history. Initially closely connected with the availability of ice and expensive storage technologies, sorbet slowly became one of the most popular frozen deserts of the Renaissance Europe and after that entire world. Created […]


Saying that food is important to us Italians is stating the obvious. We use food to welcome, to sooth, to show love. We cook when we’re down and when we want to celebrate, we use food to show our regional roots. Each family has a story to tell, and you can bet in each and […]

Legendary Pizza Maker From Italy Makes the Pies at Ironside Pizza in Northeast Miami

A few years ago, Giovanni Gagliardi left Naples, Italy, for Las Vegas, to compete in the International Pizza Challenge, representing the “International Region” of foreign competing countries. Gagliardi, known in the pizza world as “La Leggenda” — or “The Legend,” placed second in the competition’s Traditional Division. “I came to market the flour that we […]